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Can I have my goods delivered to a different address?

Yes. Just fill in the address you would like the goods sent to at the payment screen. 

Can I return washed clothing?

We cannot accept clothing that has been washed unless there is a manufacturing fault with the item. We sell some raw denim jeans: we always advise you to follow the instructions before washing and wash new items separately on the first instance.

Do you have a catalogue?

No, I'm afraid not. We turn over so much stock it would be out of date before it was printed.

Do you have a physical shop?

Our Barrow shop is currently closed but we offer a click and collect service for local customers. Simply order choosing this option at checkout and wait for your email confirming your order is ready to collect!

The address is:
12-22 Dalkeith St
LA14 1SP

How long do I have to return an item?

You have 30 days to return an item. All items must be returned in the same new and unused condition as when they were shipped out. During the Christmas period we will accept returns up to the middle of January so don't worry! See the Terms and Conditions for specific details.

I have a question that isn't frequently asked...

Pop it in an email to and we will be more than happy to help you.

I have been carded by the courier...

Please make sure the delivery address you have chosen is one where you will be in. When placing your order you can leave instructions for the package to be left in a safe place or with neighbour. You can even have it delivered to your workplace. If you are absent, simply contact the courier and arrange to have it redelivered. This will be to the same address, as they will charge you for a change of address. We do everything we can so you have the choice of delivery location. Please use this wisely as we cannot chase couriers or have them turn around.

I have paid for Saturday delivery but have been carded...

I'm afraid the same applies as above. We don't have different numbers to contact and we don't have drivers' mobiles. Please make sure you are in to receive the goods, we are not able to refund delivery costs because you are absent at the time of delivery.

I live abroad, can I still order?

Of course! Select your destination at the checkout and the postage cost will be calculated for you.

I need to cancel...

No problem. Just email with all the relevant details and we will be happy to cancel your order immediately. This may take longer if the goods have been shipped - in this case you will have to obtain a returns number once they arrive. If you don't accept the delivery you are liable for the returns cost at the courier's rates. This is usually a lot more expensive than if you were to return the goods yourself.

I've ordered but have now been told my item's out of stock.

We operate a picking system. When you order you are put on a list, so someone else may beat you to it. If this is the case we will email or phone you as soon as we know the goods are not available.

I've seen the same item cheaper elsewhere.

That's cool. Please give us a ring or an email with the website and we will try and match the price. Please note that this is based on size. For example, if you see a size UK3 elsewhere cheaper and you are wanting a UK4 we will not match the price. This applies if goods are out of stock and discontinued - we will only price match with somewhere that has the stock, as some competitors deliberately reduce prices on goods they don't have.

My skateboard doesn't run in a straight line.

This could be a few things. What skateboard have you bought? All the skateboards we sell are skateboards and not toys, however there are massive differences and tolerances. If you buy a £25 skateboard it will not be as good as a skateboard that costs £150. The chances are it simply needs bedding in. All the parts are new and would benefit from being used. Skateboards need maintenance, you may try loosening off the trucks, turning the rubber and re-tightening. Bearings also need to be cleaned and oiled/greased - a stiff bearing may also cause your board to turn.


Of course you can return items. Please follow the instructions in your dispatch email.

There is a scratch on my deck.

We build them up by hand, this includes putting the grip on with a very sharp knife. We do take care but sometimes surface scratches do occur. Once you have been for a skate, there will be a lot more proper scratches on it! If we have cut into the wood, we would not send the board out to you as this would be negligent of us.

What about sizing?

It really depends on your feet and what you're buying. If you look at the description on the item it generally tells you if they are a small fit. For Heelys we recommend you buy your regular size but, as all feet are different, this is an estimate rather than a guarantee. As for shoes in general, you should be fine going with your regular sizing. If you do have any problems, just give our customer service department a call and they can arrange to exchange for a different size.

What are your delivery times?

Delivery times are on the items. We will always try to get items dispatched to the stated time. If we cannot, we will let you know.

What guarantee do I get with a skateboard?

Skateboards are only guaranteed against delamination. By their very nature they will get chipped, paint rubbed off and generally battered. The classic deck snap will be across the deck above the trucks. Don't worry, it just means your feet were in the wrong position when you landed a trick. The better you get, the less likely this is to happen.

What size helmet and pads do I need? Do they work?

Helmets and protection do work and can save you from a serious injury or even death. Helmets are cool and we sell all kinds of great looking ones. The same goes for pads. We would advise getting the best you can afford. Sizes are on the site. If you measure for a helmet, do so around the head, starting at the front of the head just above the eyes. All helmets have adjustable straps to make sure you can get the perfect fit. As for pads, the rule of thumb is an average size man is a large and an average size woman is a medium.

Why do my inline skates have one or no brakes?

Most inline skates have one brake, not two. Aggressive inline skates and some brands have no brakes. You stop on these by putting one foot at a right angle behind the skate that's on the floor.

Why should I buy from Kates Skates?

We could blow our own trumpets here, we are the biggest, the best, etc., but that's not what we're about. We offer the best quality goods and service at the best prices we can and we're just an email away if you need help!

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