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How to Heely
Start on a smooth, flat surface with your feet shoulder width apart.
Take a step and push with your back foot. Lift the toes of your front foot so only the wheel is touching the floor.
Now do the same with your back foot – check you out rolling along the floor!
To stop, lift the toes of both feet up so your heels are touching the floor.
Make sure you keep one foot in front of the other – usually it’ll be your dominant foot in front. If you’re struggling, ask a friend to pull you along until you get the hang of it. To stay safe on your Heelys, we recommend wearing full protective gear including: helmet, wrist guards and knee and elbow pads. Be on the lookout for cracks and skate on smooth, stable and dry surfaces. Don’t skate over rocks, sand or water. Most importantly…HAVE FUN!
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