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Heelys spring summer 2018 heelie heely shoe
  • Walk, Run... Roll! Heelys are a super fun way to get around. They can act as normal shoes until the moment you want to roll, when you take to your heels! With the wheels removed they act just like any other shoe. The idea for Heelys came to Roger Adams back in the late 90s when he cut open a pair of sneakers and inserted a skateboard wheel into the heel. Heelys were designed to inspire people to get out there, have fun and live an active lifestyle.

Heelys: Walk, Run Roll!

Heelys are the only shoes with a stealth removable wheel in the heel. That means you can walk, run or roll whenever the mood takes you. Kates Skates is an official Heelys retailer and we have a huge range of styles – so you’re sure to find a pair of Heelys to suit you. From one wheel to two, high tops to trainer style, out-there prints to plain black…even grownups don’t miss out on the fun, as we stock Heelys in adult sizes too! We also stock accessories like bags, wheels and laces for you to complete the look. Whichever pair you choose, Heelys are super fun, easy to ride and great for coordination, balance and generally inspiring you to get out there in the world and have some fun. Put some wheels in your sole and get Heelying!

1 Wheel Heelys

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Heelys X1

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2 Wheel Heelys

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Heelys X2

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Boys Heelys

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Huge range of Heelys for boys

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Girls Heelys

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Huge range of Heelys for Girls

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Adult Heelys

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They're not just for kids...

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All you need to complete the look

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Buy Heelys at Kateskates
Buy Heelys at Kateskates
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