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An Interview with Welcome Skateboards

Welcome Skateboards have been making waves in the skateboard scene since their inception in California a little over 3 years ago. Their range of eye-melting deck graphics and funked-out shapes have caught our attention, and their videos have been injecting some much needed fun into modern skateboarding.

KS: First off, the standard opener: What's your favourite ever setup? 

MoM: My Fave setup was a Schmitt Stix Chris Miller with Magnesium Gullwings and Sawblades.

KS: How and why did you decide to start up Welcome Skateboards? 

MoM: There wasn't a single company that had everything I liked. Some had good teams but shitty product, or vice versa. Just overall though I feel like everyone was just mailing it in using a standard formula of how you make a skateboard co. 

I just want to do whatever I want... I don't care what is cool or not. No business plans or rules. I make some graphics just because I am superstitious and feel like I must make them to keep my karma good... Not because people will like it. There is some truth to the spells we are casting.

Welcome skateboards interview

KS: The deck shapes are a big part of what you do, how do you decide on a design?

MoM: I make them and they are not just random "That's sick" shapes. I put a lot of effort into the leverage of the board and how it works with the shape. 

You should be able to nollie flip it as well as scoop a BS air. It's not stupid cruisers or old guy boards. Most shapes I see from other companies are so bad it's no wonder why people think they are cruisers.

KS: You've got some pretty far out graphics, where do you get your inspiration?

MoM: Just stuff living in my head. I had to deal with some violence and tragedy growing up but certain songs drive it more than anything. Some are just things I have to draw to keep balance for the universe.

KS: Is it fair to say you've got a bit of the old DIY/Punk attitude to what you do, or is that just another label? 

MoM: There is definitely a strong influence of that because skateboarding was synonymous with punk when I found it growing up. That said, the company is also heavily influenced by 80's goth, new wave and ne ro.

KS: What can we look forward to seeing from Welcome in the future?

MoM: I have been exhausted for the past 6 months and I am now just catching my breath. I started drawing [steadily] again, making some new shapes as well as tune-ups to shapes to shapes I have been wanting to get to. 

We are just starting to work on a Welcome movie, (not that much skating)  ...Skate videos are too boring. I cannot sit through a single one at this point. I don't care how good everyone is. It's like Mega Ramp... I just don't care.

Overall, I don't plan past a couple of months.

KS: Thanks for your time, any last words?

MoM: I hope people will know the difference when the imitators come... Because they are cumming!

Thank you for caring... We will do our best not to let anyone down!

Welcome Skateboards lineup
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